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Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents are likely to result in serious injury or even death. While they may not be as frequent as other kinds of vehicle accidents, it has been reported that there are up to 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents in Ontario compared to car accidents.

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Owing to such motorcycle statistics, it is vital that motorcyclists educate themselves about the most common types of accidents that happen when riding a motorcycle and then use the information to reduce their likelihood of an accident.

The Most Common Kinds of Motorcycle Accidents

While there are a broad range of factors that contribute to accidents, such as weather conditions and drivers experience level, there are several types of bike crashes that tend to be more common than others. It is worth noting that motorcycles seem to have a few advantages for avoiding accidents, including unobstructed views, the agility to turn quickly, and reliable braking systems. However, there are always going to be accidents that are simply unavoidable.

As personal injury lawyers, we deal with a range of motorcycle accidents.Here in Ontario, the most common are:

  • Distracted Driver Accidents – distracted motorcyclists can cause accidents when they are not aware of traffic signals, vehicles, and the different traffic conditions around them. One particular problem is the increased use of mobile phones. Believe it or not, despite attempts at public awareness and tougher laws, there are motorcycle riders that still try to use their phones while riding.
  • Intersection Accidents – when drivers disregard the right of way and traffic signal rules, intersections become a dangerous place for motorcyclists. As motorcycle accident lawyers, we frequently deal with intersection accidents where motorists turn left and fail to yield to oncoming motorcyclists who are going straight through the intersection.
  • Excessive Speed Accidents – as with most types of road accidents, speeding is a contributing factor to injuries and fatalities.
  • Blind Spot Accidents – motorcycles that ride in a lane next to a vehicle risk disappearing into the blind spots. A driver can fail to look over their shoulder before changing lanes, causing an accident when they collide with the rider in their blind spot.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents drunk driving in Canada has one of the highest death rates and is a contributing factor for a majority of fatalities on the roads.
  • Taking Curves Too Quickly – novice drivers often take curves too quickly, increasing their risk of injury. Riders should slow down and take curves carefully.
  • Sharing Lanes – this is a dangerous practice, especially if the other rider needs to swerve to avoid something on the road. When out on a group ride, riders should avoid the temptation to share a lane to ensure both their own and other rider’s safety.
  • Poor Weather Conditions – both rain and wind present hazardous conditions and can result in motorcycle accidents. The same goes for uneven road surfaces, potholes, and gravel.
  • Failure to Spot a Motorcyclist – often, drivers will scan the roads for larger objects and neglect to look out for oncoming motorcycles. Motorcyclists should endeavour to wear high visibility clothing to ensure they are spotted by other drivers and prevent accidents.

Seek Legal Assistance from a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer at Mackesy Smye law firm today.

We specialise in motorcycle accidents in Ontario and personal injuries related to such accidents. Based in Hamilton, we have represented a multitude of clients who have been involved in such accidents.

Complete our online form and we will get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

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