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Travel Insurance Coverage & Denied Claims

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As the temperature gets warmer, many Canadians begin to make travel plans for their summer vacations. Selecting appropriate travel insurance is likely one of the least fun aspects of traveling, but without a doubt, when it’s needed, is one of the most important.

[/vc_column_text][esVerticalSpacing base=”spacing-2″][vc_column_text el_class=”article-description”]Things can go wrong anywhere – and accidents don’t know, or care, if you are on vacation. The list of things that can go wrong when you are traveling is virtually endless – from being involved in an accident and getting sick, to having your cash, luggage or other personal belonging stolen. Fortunately, you can help protect yourself from these and other risks with the right travel insurance.

While Canadian residents can count on Government health coverage anywhere in Canada, they cannot rely on these services anywhere outside of Canada. This is where it is important to ensure you are covered with travel insurance.

In Ontario, you can purchase many kinds of travel insurance packages to safeguard yourself against theft, accidental losses, injuries and illnesses. Some packages even provide coverage for trip interruption and cancellations. These can cover expenses if you cannot go on or finish your planned trip due to an illness or injury. Cruise coverage, rental car coverage, and so on can also be included in your travel insurance package.

Those that travel frequently might want to consider taking out annual multi-trip insurance, as the costs are lower then purchasing individual policies for each trip you take.

Good travel insurance packages should cover the following items:

  • Enough costs to get back home
  • The period of time that you are away
  • Pre-paid expenses such as excursions
  • Any activities and sports you might indulge in
  • The refund of the full cost of your holiday
  • Any trip cancellations
  • Personal liability (the costs of a claim if you accidentally injure someone or damage
  • their property)

Every policy is different and there is a lot of confusion over what is actually covered in every insurance package when abroad. You may remember the recent controversy over the “million-dollar-baby” that was all over the news.

For this family from Saskatchewan, a dream vacation in Hawaii turned into a nightmare after the mother had to deliver her baby in an emergency on the island. Even though the couple had purchased travel insurance with medical coverage, their claim was declined by the insurer citing a pre-existing medical condition, despite adequate medical proof that the pre-existing condition had nothing to do with the delivery.

While an insurance claim like this is uncommon it does highlight the importance ofunderstanding what your travel insurance covers, and how critical it is to read the fine print and ask questions.

Most insurance policies will not cover any drug or alcohol related incidents, undeclared medical conditions or abrupt cancellations or trips cut short without a valid reason.

Again, read the fine print of your insurance policy very carefully to see what precisely will be covered and if any conditions and exclusions might apply.These exclusions or conditions if they exist, could allow your insurer to refuse your claim.

In the unfortunate event that you have had a travel medical insurance claim denied, Mackesy Smye’s team of highly experienced travel insurance lawyers will help you appeal your policy claim.

Contact us today by completing our short, secure online contact form by clicking the below button, or by calling us at 1-905-525-2341 – we’re here to help.

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Contact us for a complimentary, confidential consultation. You may fill in this secure online contact form or simply call us at 1-905-525-2341 today.

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