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Delayed Effects of Injuries

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Consider this scenario: After some sort of accident or trauma, you have your minor cuts, bruises, and other injuries which are treated. Perhaps you even seek out benefits or remedies from your insurance company, or an at-fault individual or company.

[/vc_column_text][esVerticalSpacing base=”spacing-2″][vc_column_text el_class=”article-description”]After some time passes, however, you begin to experience severe joint pain, headaches, memory loss, neck pain, fatigue, or any of a dozen other symptoms that may point to a late-appearing, potentially serious injury. Additionally, the trauma you experienced may have long-lasting and serious psychological effects, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress that may not be evident directly after the accident. In such cases, how can you be assured that you are receiving the benefits you require to cover medical bills, loss of wages, and other forms of compensation for these types of delayed injuries?

Immediately after an accident, your insurance company will likely engage you. In the aftermath of such a trauma, this can be a difficult engagement. However, it can be difficult to anticipate what your future needs will be after an accident or injury. Doctors are not always able to determine the extent of your injuries through the usual tests and procedures alone, and certain types of injuries may not be evident until resulting symptoms start to appear.

Injuries, such as whiplash, may seem like low-level neck pain that gets better after rest, but can quickly become more painful after a few weeks of not getting the correct treatment. Add the stress of physical labour, or even the compression of prolonged sitting in a desk chair, can cause you to experience chronic and prolonged pain for a relatively minor soft-tissue injury.

Finally, the delayed psychological and emotional effects of the trauma may not become apparent for some time, but can quickly escalate.

In order to ensure you are not hit with expensive physiotherapy or other medical treatments or suffer from loss of wages and work benefits, legal assistance is frequently recommended in the aftermath of a serious accident. The expertise and years of experience a personal injury lawyer can bring to your case means you have a better chance of dealing with common late-appearing injury symptoms. As a result, serious injuries and traumas can be brought to light before they start exhibiting symptoms, and you can include them in your claim to the insurance company.

It is not always possible to anticipate your future health needs, and this can leave you holding the bill for injuries that present weeks, months or even years into the future.

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Seeking a consultation with experienced personal injury lawyers, such as the team at Mackesy Smye, can ensure that you are protected and covered – in all eventualities.

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