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When you are sick or injured, you have a right to considerate and conscientious care from the medical establishment. Ontario’s physicians and hospitals are among the best in the world, but this does not guarantee that every patient will receive the treatment he or she requires. Unfortunately, every year, some Greater Hamilton and South Western Ontario Area residents suffer the negative effects of negligent medical advice or treatment that falls below the standard of care that doctors and other healthcare workers are required to provide.

These lapses in professional performance can have extremely serious consequences for patients and their families, including unacceptable recovery times, symptoms brought on by incompatible prescriptions, unnecessary discomfort while recuperating in the hospital, and even, in some cases, death. Medical Negligence can create a sense of hopelessness as victims struggle to regain control of their lives. At Mackesy Smye, we offer the legal resources to combat those feelings. If you have received negligent medical care, or if you have lost a family member through the fatal effects of medical malpractice, our law firm can help by providing the advice and the litigating talent required to ensure that you receive all due consideration from hospitals, insurers and the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). Whether you have received a sub-standard diagnosis, have suffered the effects of sub-standard skill used in the performance of a medical procedure, have received a sub-standard recommendation for treatment or received sub-standard or negligent care while hospitalized, our medical malpractice attorneys have the expertise to prove that your setback is the result of a breach in the standard of care. After a detailed consultation with one of Mackesy Smye’s lawyers, one of our lawyers will work with you to develop a strategy for your potential claim. This claim may include compensation for lost earning potential, physical and emotional suffering as well as future medical treatment, rehabilitation and care. Ontario’s medical malpractice laws were established to ensure that every citizen receives the medical treatment she or he is entitled to – and we believe that right is worth fighting for. Get Hamilton’s top personal injury law firm working for you – call or complete our secure contact form to book a free consultation today.

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