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Personal Injury Lawyers – Education, Background & Experience

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If you have a case, you should look for a Hamilton personal injury lawyer who has attended a top law school, proper accreditations and certifications, their work experience, reputation, and personality, plus their past success at cases like yours.

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Educational Requirements for Lawyers in Ontario

Canadian colleges and universities are not accredited by any nationwide bodies. Instead, they are regulated at the provincial level, but there are certain national associations involved in setting quality standards. The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario is one of them. If you are researching a personal injury lawyer, start your due diligence here to assess the lawyer’s educational background if the school is unfamiliar.

Individual Canadian law schools have their own standards and requirements for undergraduate credits, but attorneys must complete an Ontario Bar Admissions Course and pass two licensing exams. The topics covered include real estate, criminal law, business law, wills and estates, family law, and professional responsibility. A 10-month Articleship must then be completed, which involves working with a licensed lawyer who assesses the understudy’s progress. To qualify for bar membership anywhere in Canada, one must complete a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor program.

Other Personal Injury Lawyer Background Details to Consider

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) awards a Certificate of Qualification to candidates who meet its standards. Individuals educated by a Canadian civil law degree program, or who have trained outside the country, can apply for admission to an affiliated law society if they meet the organization’s requirements. If a personal injury lawyers has NCA certification, their educational background is compliant with established standards.

Experience Is Everything

A Hamilton personal injury lawyer should know what to look for, and where to start, when reviewing your case. Experience is a major contributor to their ability to assess, investigate, and pursue your claim. They should know the laws that pertain to specific jurisdictions and be focused on your case, so the compensation you are entitled to is fair. The clear majority of cases settle without going to trial.A lawyer’s negotiating skills are critical when arriving at a settlement amount.

Also, never underestimate reputation as a consideration. Great personal injury lawyers can settle cases quickly and fairly; their previous experiences dealing with opposing legal teams, insurance companies, and court systems has surely been opportunistic in building a rapport with these parties. You need to be sure they’re committed to your case and finding the best outcome for you. Also, don’t overlook the personality of the personal injury lawyer attorney. They should be available to answer questions, give you status updates on the claim, and explain the process of the lawsuit.

Hire a Lawyer with the Best Professional Background

Do you have a personal injury claim? Then don’t just settle for any attorney. You need accident lawyers with the right education, background, and experience who know your rights, the process for reaching a settlement, and getting the compensation you deserve. Mackesy Smye, a law firm with expertise in this area, has a team of Hamilton personal injury attorneys who are ready to win your case. They do not only know they can; their experience in personal injury law includes degrees, certifications, and a proven record of fighting for clients every step of the way.

It all starts with a free consultation, so give us a call today.

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Get started today with a free consultation

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Contact us for a confidential personal injury legal consult. Complete the secure online contact form, or call us at 1-905-525-2341 today.

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