Disability as a Result of Workplace Conflict

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Disability Claims

Disability as a Result of Workplace Conflict

Filing a disability claim can be frightening not only due to your injuries but also because of the implications that may be inferred by peers and future employers.

Employers are often worried about having to pay out these claims and you as the injured party can rightly be angered and afraid that you will not receive the compensation or the respect you deserve.

If the injury occurred due to a workplace conflict, a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton can help you navigate the process of filing a disability claim and ensure that you get through it with ease.

What Constitutes a Disability?

There are many different kinds of conditions that constitute a disability and the law is there to protect you from feeling inferior whether this disability is something you have always lived with or is the result of a workplace conflict.

  • Personal injury lawyers are there to interpret these laws and make sure you are treated kindly and according to the way the law says you should;
  • Other instances such as car accidents, and many other types of situations can cause disability that impairs you from doing your job as your employer expects you to do;
  • Stress in the workplace or emotional turmoil that causes a mental disability or undue hardship is widely overlooked as a disability but it happens more often than you would expect. If your emotional stress or any verbal conflict or abuse in the workplace causes a psychological disability, this may mean you cannot do your job.

Workplace Conflict and Injuries Due to Stress

When you work with other people, it is nearly impossible to stop conflicts from arising or even from escalating. There are discussions about blame and different accounts about what happened. People are emotional, have different things going on in their personal lives, and deal with different kinds of stress in their work depending on their own perspectives. While these things should not interfere with your job, conflicts happen and disabilities can be the result. A Hamilton personal injury lawyer can guide you through each incident to find out how things will work and what you should do before, during and as you file your disability claim.

Moving on After Your Disability Claim

One concern that you may have after consulting with a personal injury lawyer is what happens after your disability claim is filed and what to do if/when your injury period is over. You might be questioning what future employers will think of you if they see this mark on your employment record or if you are required to disclose the incident at all. The facts vary from case to case, depending on what happened to you and how long you were out of work.

The truth is that disability lawyers in Hamilton, Ontario are there to protect your rights to take the time necessary for you to heal fully. Let us alleviate the pressure and frustration of dealing with your disability claim. Contact one of our personal injury lawyers today.

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