Long-Term Effects of Whiplash

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Personal Injury

Long-Term Effects of Whiplash

One of the most common injuries after any car accident, even relatively minor fender benders, is whiplash. Whiplash is sometimes considered a minor injury, and usually will not cause any long term issues.

Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Whiplash can become a serious disability, causing long-term effects that impact your quality of life and ability to provide for your family.

Whiplash occurs when, during the course of an accident, the head isjolted forward and then snaps back suddenly. As a result of this motion, the tendons and ligaments in the neck are forcefully extended beyond their normal limits, and are essentially sprained as a result. A few hours after the accident, sufferers of whiplash experience pain and stiffness in the neck. Minor whiplash usually heals on its own, and resting, taking a painkiller and perhaps doing some physiotherapy may be the only treatment required.

Sometimes the problem does not resolve itself so quickly. Symptoms of severe whiplash can include pain in the neck, arms, and upper or lower back, reduced mobility, headaches, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus and weakness of the arms and legs. Blurred vision and other visual disturbances may also occur, and some have even reported behavioural changes, such as increased anxiety, depression, and extremes of emotion.

These symptoms can have a significant and deleterious impact on one’s life, career, and relationships. Unfortunately, however, whiplash can be very hard to diagnose as there are currently no scans or tests that can definitive detect it.As a result can be difficult to prove in court. However, there are things you can do to ensure that your health and your claim is protected.

The most important action you can take is ensuring that all of your health issues after an accident are adequately reported and documented. You may believe that your whiplash is minor, and therefore you do not need to trouble your doctor by reporting it.However, low intensity pain can increase over time.What at first appears to be minor and short-lasting symptoms can turn out to be much more serious.

Therefore, it is important that your doctor be aware of all of your issues. If the pain does not subside or if any new symptoms have appeared, return to your doctor as soon as possible. Not only will they be able to more thoroughly treat you, but there will be a paper trail that can be used as evidence if you need to take your claim to court.

If you are experiencing long-term effects of whiplash that your insurance company is refusing to cover, you may be in need of dedicated legal help.


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